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Be well. Be happy.

Be Hummingbird.

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Be Hummingbird LLC is a venture inspired by the word “yoga”, which means to unite or bring together. We are dedicated to connection – connecting body and breath, connecting mind and spirit, connecting human beings. Through private instruction, workshops, and retreats our passion is creating environments and experiences that provide the possibility for discovery and change. We are here to enjoy this journey of living and we invite you to join us.The question we asked ourselves…If not now, when?

Be well. Be happy. Be Hummingbird! 

It is a bit of a philosophy in and of itself -- an approach, a practice, a way of thinking, and a way of living. 

 Be Hummingbird is me.  : ) 

Inspired by the word “yoga”– which means to connect or unite – my mission is to bring people together in interesting and beautiful places all over the world to explore new cultures and meet new people, while also sharing a daily meditation & yoga practice, eating great food, enjoying body treatments, and having fun!  Be Hummingbird is an opportunity to connect people with others, but even more so it’s a chance to allow people to reconnect with themselves – time to remember who they are and what makes them the remarkable being they are. 

This is my passion, and I am both delighted and honored to share it with you! 



Jamie Coffey’s yoga is truly inspired by the word itself – yoga translates to yoke, unite, or connect—and she is dedicated to connecting both the body and breath with the mind and spirit.  Further, her mission is to reconnect people with their truest nature and bliss through the practice, and to connect human beings with one another in amazing places around the globe.  Bringing decades of experience to the mat, Jamie’s integrated technique infuses humor and spirituality with alignment and flow in a very unique and light-hearted way.  Steeped in the lineages of Hatha and Vinyasa, she simply strives to instill compassion for all as we share this human experience as spiritual beings – or what she calls “making space for grace”.



Be Hummingbird offerings.


Private Instruction

Jamie’s favorite way to teach is one-to-one, as it provides the opportunity to design a practice specifically tailored to the needs of the student. 

Private sessions are open to any and all levels—whether you are interested in discovering what it’s like to be on the yoga mat for the very first time, or if you are looking to deepen aspects of your dedicated practice through meditation, philosophy, alignment or personal intentions.  She’s got you! 


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