Say Yes to the Universe

Day one - Cape Town, South Africa

“Just say yes." That’s what my heart told my head two months ago when this opportunity came my way out of the ether. While sitting in one beautiful place on the planet (Tulum), the invitation to visit another fell relatively freely into my lap, granted by a dear friend and colleague of my past and present. But here’s the thing— my worry-brain nearly cost me the chance. In yoga we call it the “monkey mind,” and it is a fickle and tricky thing to navigate. My monkey mind went straight to my calendar, my bank account, and the endless lists in my head, and it said, “I couldn’t possibly."

But, then I stopped and took a breath…a few of them…and the clear message came: Dear child, this is a gift from the Universe. Worry is only fear. Stay connected to the higher vibration. Just say yes.

So, I did.

Now, I am far enough along the path of my spiritual journey to know and accept the fact that much of the misery I have met in my life has been of my own doing. Not solely, but I’ve definitely played a part in the darkness. And one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned along the way is that kindness, compassion and gratitude—which I like to refer to as “the big three” in my yoga practice—are the keys to unlocking the joy in my heart and sharing it with the world. These precious qualities are tools I have discovered and developed on my mat over the years. And, like polished stones, they have taken time and patience to cultivate, as well as humility and courage. They have brought, and continue to bring, great abundance into my life, for they are my direct line to the Universe.

With each new day, I strive to weave “the big three” through every facet of my existence. I set the intention of keeping them at the forefront, and I utilize them to nurture my friendships and relationships at every turn. This is part of my dedicated practice, my truth. And it’s what has helped to bring me here, to realizing my dream of visiting South Africa and experiencing safari—where, if I’m lucky, I may just catch a glimpse of what’s known as “the big five”: lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros, and Cape buffalo.

Not an ounce of me believes that opportunities like this one come at random; rather, I choose to see them as divine sparks of connectivity and creativity that ignite between aligned beings when the time is right. It feels a bit like magic. And I have graciously been the recipient of said magic many a time. Why? Because I’m open. I am wide open to the wonder of what could be. To possibility. I wasn’t always this way, trust me, but I’m telling you this mindset has been a major game-changer both on my mat and in my life, and I highly recommend giving it a try.

So, here I sit…perched on the majestic waterfront of Cape Town, immediately humbled and moved by the deep, rich, vibrant, warm, resilient culture that surrounds me, knowing with my whole heart that “the big three” have helped guide me here to potentially witness “the big five,” and to experience this incredibly sacred place on our planet. This is what the Universe does…if you let her.

As I often say to my students at the start of class, “every moment we’ve lived has led us to this moment here together.” Well here we are, my friends. Here we are.

Take a deep breath. Keep the channel open. And when the Universe invites you, just say YES!

Jamie Coffey