Calling All Earth Angels

We all experience ups and downs on this walk of life, but sometimes the waves of human existence can feel more turbulent than others.  Well, I found myself in the thick of it last week as the Scorpio moon found its way to full.  Phew.  It was a doozy.  I could not get the earth under my feet, nor the breath in my body, and was feeling so topsy-turvy at one point, I knew I simply needed to ask for help.  So, I raised my white flag of humility and surrender nice and high — and my tribe responded in full. 

Here’s what I realized:  I had neglected to nurture myself in the ways I needed to in order to do the work I am called to do.

I have learned this is not only a common occurrence of mine as an individual, but also frequently experienced by my fellow yoga teachers and wellness practitioners of all kinds.  And often there is some sense of shame or failure about not feeling steady and healthy when you’re in a position of helping others achieve such a state.  Easy to reject this notion as complete phooey, but I do know it’s a real struggle for many.  However, I feel we need to be open and upfront about what we’re going through so that we may support one another and remind each other that we are not alone.

Now, during my full-moon-humble-fumble-tumble, I will acknowledge that I did take an emotional deep dive for a good 24-48 hours before my higher-frequency voice kicked in, and I realized I could lie around depressed, deeming it all an epic fail, and beating myself up for doing such a thing: “Dammit, Jamie… Again?… Really?”  OR I could take some action. Hmm.

Action it is! 

I decided to call on the amazing beings I know who are sharing the authentic and important work they are called to do in this world:

My wonderful friend and doctor of Oriental medicine Angela Rauter, my soul sister and awesome massage therapist Sarah Baar, my heavenly Hatha yogi and spirit guide Stephanie Cole Edmond, the Ayurvedic goddess and guru Sharon Juraszek , my partner-in-crime and hair styling sprite fairy Naomi Mimms, the fierce and fabulous skin therapist Lily Volpert, and last but not least, my heart and best friend, the very spiritually gifted percussionist and sound healer Paul Shuler.    

My utmost gratitude to these earth angels for hearing my call, for answering, for listening, and for showering me with all of their divine energy, and for reminding me of my own.  Thank you for guiding this Scorpio back to being her full self.

So, I encourage all of you reading this to strengthen the muscle of self-nurturing, kindness and love, and to quiet the voice of self-doubt, neglect and regret.  If you are up against some darkness and the walls are closing in, reach out to your tribe and ask for a hand.  And if you don’t feel like you have one, reach out to me. You are not alone. We are all here to help each other along this path of living, and to honor our truest nature: LOVE!

*Please take note of all of the links and contacts here, as these Sarasota-based practitioners are the best of the best at what they do:

*Beautiful souls, you’re worth every single penny of investment.  There is only one YOU! 

*And if you’re counting your pennies, many of these fine folks offer a first-timer or friends & family discount, or even a sliding scale option. Just mention this blog post when you reach out. 


*Lovely hummingbird photo by the lovely Jenny Acheson*

Jamie Coffey