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Sigrid Olsen Creative Wellbeing Retreat

Tulum, Mexico

We have offered New Years Retreats in Tulum since Sigrid began in 2009. Tulum is a very special beach side community just two hours south of Cancun. It has become famous for the yoga and meditation retreats held there in small boutique hotels that are perched right on the long stretch of white sand beach. Our are held at the rustic chic Shambala Petit Hotel, with casitas arranged very close to the beach.It is a wonderful way to kick start the year, with daily art workshops, journaling, morning beach walks and, of course yoga, which is held in a beautiful round room overlooking the sea. You will be lulled to sleep every night by the sound of the surf and entranced by the quiet beauty of nature all around you. Three amazing, beautiful and healthful meals are served on the premises by a private chef. You will meet lovely people, some of whom may become lifelong friends.